The Top 3 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis from Our Lake Forest Dispensary

Are you searching for new ways to enjoy cannabis? Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned smoker, there are lots of fun and exciting activities that you can try while high. This article will explore the top three ways to enjoy cannabis and suggest fun activities.


Smoking is one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis. You can smoke joints, blunts, and even pipes. Another option is to use a dab rig or bong to increase the intensity of the high. However, buy your cannabis from a trustworthy dispensary to ensure quality. Green Heaven, for instance, is an excellent option that offers a wide range of strains and products.


Vaping has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and discreteness. You can vape dry herb, wax, or oil. Vaping is also considered healthier than smoking because you don't inhale smoke. If you are interested in vaping, check out Green Heaven's selection of vaporizers.


If seeking a longer-lasting and more intense high, edibles might be for you. Edibles come in various forms, including gummies, chocolates, and baked goods. It's best to ease into consumption with a small dose and wait at least two hours before upping your intake for optimal safety. That allows time for the effects to kick in fully and for you to assess how your body is reacting. It's always better to err on the side of caution when consuming anything new. Green Heaven offers a variety of edibles that are an excellent option for beginners.

Things to Do While High

Nature Walks

Cannabis has the power to enhance your appreciation for nature. So, take advantage of this by going on a nature walk while high. You'll be amazed at how much more beautiful and vibrant everything appears. Heritage Hill Historical Park and Serrano Creek Trail in Lake Forest are great places to explore.

Creative Activities

Cannabis is recognized for enhancing creativity, so why not take advantage of it? Some fun, creative activities to try while high include painting, drawing, writing, and playing music. You might be surprised by your creations' burst of inspiration and playfulness. If you feel stuck, try cannabis-infused tea or coffee and let your imagination flow.

There are countless ways to enjoy cannabis. Whether you prefer smoking, vaping, or edibles, everyone has options. Try going on a nature walk or engaging in creative activities while high to experience new impressions and creativity. Always buy cannabis from a reputable dispensary in Lake Forest, like Green Heaven. Don't let the advantages of cannabis go to waste; visit us and start exploring your options today!